Dr. Emma Campbell

Dr. Emma Campbell has been practicing psychology since 2005. Dr. Campbell earned both her bachelor’s and doctoral degrees from Wheaton College, located near Chicago. Dr. Campbell has worked with people in a variety of settings, such as, hospitals, community counseling centers, schools, nursing homes, and prisons. Dr. Campbell learned that no matter a person’s background, therapy is a place where uniquely painful experiences and the daily hardships of life can be transformed into joyful growth and peaceful acceptance. She has helped many individuals learn new ways of relating to others, develop deeper understanding of themselves, and begin to see the world in a new light. Dr. Campbell’s expertise is in marital and family counseling where she helps people develop healthy communication and greater harmony in their relationships. She assists people in working through complex issues of grief and loss, and in exploring areas related to personal growth and spiritual development. Dr. Campbell works with couples, adults, and teens (age 14 and up). Dr. Campbell is married and has two boys. Her husband is a science fiction/fantasy novelist and, as a family, they love to camp up in the mountains or, on a rainy afternoon, enjoy a fun Nintendo game together. As a former art major, Dr. Campbell enjoys having time to paint and draw.