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Christian Counseling

Although Cornerstone Psychological Associates is not a Christian Counseling center, many of the psychologists and counselors at Cornerstone are persons of faith and can provide a spiritual component to the counseling process. We work closely with referrals from area pastors and priests.

The counselors at Cornerstone Psychological embrace great diversity within their various religious backgrounds. Cornerstone providers represent Catholic, as well as denominational and non-denominational Christian perspectives.

Our position at Cornerstone is to work with all clients regardless of their religious backgrounds or practices. No client will face discrimination based religious identification, or lack thereof. There are a large percentage of satisfied clients from Cornerstone Psychological who do not indicate any religious preference at all. The providers at Cornerstone will not push their religious beliefs on any of our clients. In fact, our providers will often look to the client's preference for the focus of spiritual conversation before such topics are discussed. Also, our providers are not ministers and will refer individuals back to their pastors or priests for specific theological issues.


Cornerstone Psychological Associates supports many wonderful churches in the Treasure Valley. You can follow the links below to those churches.


Eagle Nazarene Church

Eagle Christian Church

Cloverdale Church of God

Grace Bible Church

St. Mark's Church



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