Our Covid-19 Response

We appreciate the trust you place in us and want to inform you about how we are continuing to address COVID-19 concerns. We closely monitor events in our local community and continuously update our policies and protocols as a result of new information.  Please know that our office is following all recommended guidance from public health authorities, including best practices for hygiene, waiting room cleanliness and disinfecting, and individual office disinfecting, as well as social distancing.  

Our highest priority is to keep all of our patients and staff as safe as possible.   Masks are no longer required by local ordinance, but you may choose to wear one if you would like.

Our responsibilities:

·         Keep waiting room and provider offices wiped down and disinfected.

·         Monitor staff for fevers, illness and any symptoms of the virus or other illness.

·         Continue to offer either in-office therapy or video teletherapy

·         Practice social distancing

·         Maintain proper hygiene; washing hands, coughing or sneezing into sleeve, using hand sanitizer, avoid touching of the face.

What we ask of you our patients:

·         If you have had close contact with anyone who is positive for the virus or exhibits symptoms of the virus, if you have a fever or any respiratory symptoms, please do not come into the office. Give us a call and we will gladly reschedule you.

·         Maintain proper hygiene; washing hands, coughing or sneezing into sleeve, using hand sanitizer, avoid touching of the face.

·         If you are transporting a patient, please drop them off and then wait in your car or on our upper or lower outdoor patio to keep waiting room numbers down and allow for cleaning between appointments.

Thank you for your patronage and assistance during this difficult time.


The pandemic has brought  uncertainty, anxiety and disruption to the community that we serve. Our highest priority is the health and peace of mind of our patients as we move forward.  We are set up for teletherapy, or interactive video sessions over the internet. This is not ideal, and we would prefer to see our patients face to face, but for now we are offering the option of in-person or video teletherapy.  Using teletherapy we will be able to meet with you during your regularly scheduled appointment via doxy.me, which is HIPAA compliant. In order to facilitate this teletherapy you will need to sign and return a specific release which can be found on our website under the information tab (Consent for Telemedicine Services)

In general, insurance companies are allowing telehealth services during this time as long as mental health is already a benefit.  We are licensed to provide services to clients in Idaho only.  Please call us if you have any questions about teletherapy or would like to schedule with us for the first time.


We at Cornerstone Psychological Associates understand that this pandemic can increase mental health issues and we want to assure you we will do everything we possibly can to ensure you continue to receive the assistance you need.  See our page on Telepsychology, under Services Provided for more information.  We will continue adding updates here as things change.

Tips and Resources for Coping during the COVID-19 Crisis


Keeping yourself in a Calmer Place -  Joe Lipetzky, PsyD, Cornerstone Psych Associates, PLLC

Tips for Coping with COVID-19 - courtesy of Amy Walters, PhD, St Luke's Humphreys Diabetes Center 


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